A Message from the President of Barbershop Harmony NZ
Released 10pm, 15 March 2020
Pan-Pacific Convention scheduled Auckland, New Zealand in Sept 2020

The Board of Barbershop Harmony New Zealand met tonight and decided with great regret to cancel this Convention. The impending threats to public health from the coronavirus pandemic and its rapid spread together with Governments’ tightening of border controls have prevented the event from progressing.

We needed to provide certainty to potential attendees within a fast-changing landscape of uncertainties concerning Covid-19 before registrations opened.

The decision affects our many Barbershopper-friends in Australia, USA and Japan as well as Kiwis, all these people’s families and the general public. Also affected are our keynote quartet, world-champs “Main Street” and the judges required. This was to be our first Contest with Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Choruses and Quartets in competition.

Our decision aligns with actions being taken by many other groups, sports groups and Barbershoppers around the world.

The interests of health and public safety must take first priority.

We realise you may already have made plans around your visit and we trust this doesn’t create too many difficulties for you.

Thank you for your understanding.

John Denton
Barbershop Harmony New Zealand


 A Message from the Chair of the Convention Management Committee

The decision has been made.  There will be no Pan Pac 2020.  Of course, this is a disappointment to everyone involved but the decision has been considered from every angle and, of course, has not been taken lightly.  It has the full support of the BHA Board as well as our BHNZ Board.

Where to from here?  We haven’t worked out what happens next, both at the Pan Pacific level and the national level.  We felt it was more important to get the main decision out of the way so all persons who were expecting could come be given the earliest notice.

Will the Pan Pacific be rescheduled for next year?  Will the next Pan Pacific Convention be in Auckland, New Zealand?  Will member countries hold their own national convention this year?  All these questions – but there are no answers as yet and all we can say is your Boards will be discussing the situation.

From a personal point of view, I would like to thank all those, from across the Pan Pacific Region who have entered into correspondence with me. And also thank the Boards, and the members of the Contest & Judging Panels, who have been working hard to prepare for what promised to be a great convention.

Warm regards to all.

Richard Hedley
Chair, Convention Management Committee for Pan Pac 2020
+64 (0) 27 451 3191