Transport and Parking

The convention quartet contest, chorus contest and Saturday night Harmony Spectacular show will be held at the Victory Convention Centre, 98 Beaumont St, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1010, New Zealand.

Car Parking


Parking on the Plaza level, i.e. in the open air immediately outside the Victory Convention Centre (VCC), is for service vehicles only and is NOT open for general parking.  There is a large basement car park under the VCC, but it is NOT available on Thursday 14th Sep until after 3:00pm and is NOT available on Friday 15th until after 1:00pm (because the spaces are hired out to local businesses). But from 3:00pm Thursday till midnight Thursday, and from 1:00pm Friday until midnight Friday, and all-day Saturday 16th until midnight, it is open and free of charge.


All other car parks near to the VCC require payment. To see where they are you can peruse the following websites:

Transport Around Auckland

Private Cars

Auckland is well known for traffic congestion and journeys often take longer than you expect. Planning your route via Google Maps Driving Directions is very useful if you include the time of day and date you will be travelling.

Buses, Trains and Ferries

These are all run by Auckland Transport and fare payment is by a swipe card known as a HOP card. Once you have a HOP card, loaded with some dollars, all you need do when you get on is “Tag On” (i.e. swipe your HOP card across a Tag recorder) and “Tag Off” (i.e. swipe your HOP card across a Tag recorder) when you get off. Many of you will be very familiar with this system of paying for fares, but for those who are not, don’t forget the “Tag Off” bit.   How do you get a HOP card? And how do you get dollars pre-loaded onto it? Go to to find out.
Note: While Auckland Transport (AT) intend to introduce easier payment options across all of Auckland’s buses, trains, and ferries i.e. tagging on and off with other contactless payment options such debit/credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, this is not scheduled until next year. For the time being, you will need a HOP card to travel on public transport in Auckland.

Taxi, Uber, Ola, etc.

These are plentiful and not outrageously expensive for short trips but getting from Auckland Airport to the CBD will be pricey if you decide to use one.

Shuttles from the Airport

This is a handy and reasonably priced way to get from the Airport to the door of your accommodation. You will need to book. Go to for more information.  

Buses from the Airport

Here is some info on buses from the airport to the CBD Trains There are no trains from the airport to the CBD, but there is a train-bus link as explained in the Buses From The Airport link.
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